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Neurocluster Brain Model

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Neurocluster Brain Model

Glossary of Neurocluster Brain Model

The history of Neurocluster Brain Model

Prerequisites for understanding of Neurocluster Brain Model

Brain is a massively parallel computing machine

Neuronal mechanism of single personality dissociation (splitting) into separate multiple personalities

The term “consciousness” does not meet the scientific criteria

Mind uploading

Contradictions in the Bible

Contradictions in the Quran

Holy Spirit – the detailed analysis and underlying mechanisms of the Holy Spirit. Contradictions and errors in theology of the Holy Spirit

Errors in theology of Christianity

Errors in theology of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Errors in theology of Hinduism

Errors in theology of ISKCON (a.k.a. Hare Krishna movement or Hare Krishnas)

Errors in theology of Islam

Errors in theology of Judaism

Errors in theology of theology of CPS (Concept of Public Safety) (in Russian)

Errors in theology of Alexey Vasilevich Trekhlebov (Vedaman Vedagor) (in Russian)

Errors in theology of Urantia Book

Errors in theology of various cults

The errors of reincarnation claims

Failed biblical prophecies

Errors in the claims of omniscience of God

Moses with horns

The scientific errors of evolutionists’ claims

Sensory deprivation causes hallucinations

Articles in mass media about Michael Raduga's experiments

Books of Michael Raduga

Excerpt from Michael Raduga book “The Phase. A Practical Guidebook” about the machines which are supposed to help to reach OOBE state

The most prominent researchers of the OOBE field which were conducting their research before the arrival of Michael Raduga to the scene

Video lectures of Michael Raduga

Articles about tulpa

Movies about tulpa

Movies about sleepwalking

A history of Multiple Personality Disorder (a.k.a. Dissociative Identity Disorder)

Movies about “multiple personality disorder”

Fiction films about “multiple personality disorder”

Spirit possession in various cultures

Movies about “demonic possession”

Movies about dogs attacking own leg

Movies about perceptual blindness experiments

“National Geographic” movie “Test Your Brain”

Movies about domovoi

Scientific articles about “split-brain” experiments

Movies about “split-brain” experiments

Movies about Alien Hand Syndrome (AHS)

Movies about Hypnosis

Movies about Psychiatry

Movies about Brainwashing and Mind Control

Movies about miracles revealed

Articles about survival after the penetration of the heart

Dental formulae examples

Scientific articles about divine relationship with epilepsy

Scientific articles about fasting

State between wakefulness and sleep

What is science and what isn't science?

“Appeal to authority” is a form of logical fallacy

Articles about adjunct professors

Movies about adjunct professors

Official Youtube channel of Neurocluster Brain Model

Discussion of Neurocluster Brain Model on external forums

Neuron model RF-PSTH (which simulates Receptive Field (RF) structure and PSTH output signal of the neuron)

Miscellaneous topics

Below are articles which cover various topics which do not fit into the main topic of the site.

Increase your English vocabulary without memorizing a lot of words: Greek and Latin basic word parts in English language

Origins of Abrahamic religions. Bible as weapon of information warfare.

Tasks for the development of logical thinking


What is “normal”? The meaning of “normal”.

Adolf Hitler and Nuremberg trials

Formula for calculation of “romantics” amount


Cancer and its treatment

How to reduce the cost of shaving 500 times or more