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Movies about sleepwalking

The underlying mechanism of sleepwalking, multiple personality disorder and “demonic possession” is exactly identical – the autonomous neurocluster takes over the control of the man’s body. Sleepwalking, multiple personality disorder and “demonic possession” are just different manifestations/projections of the same phenomenon.
The difference between sleepwalking and multiple personality disorder is the following. In the case of sleepwalking switching between alternative personalities occurs when a man goes to sleep. And in the case of multiple personality disorder switching between alternative personalities occurs while a man is awake.
In multiple personality disorder usually alternative personalities have low level of intelligence, like a zombie, however sometimes alternative personalities have high level of intelligence.
Exactly the same is with sleepwalking – sometimes alternative personalities do have high intelligence.

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Bizkit the Sleep Walking Dog
Length: 1 minute

Weird, True & Freaky The Sleepwalking Dog
Length: 3 minutes

Dog sleepwalking
Length: 1 minute

Young Kiwi girl playing the piano while sleepwalking.
Length: 1 minute

Music played from the level of sleeping consciousness. This is my cousins daughter, she sleepwalks every now and then. But on this occasion played the Piano... she really is fast asleep. The next morning she could not remember doing this.

In the News:
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Sleepwalking piano player: New Zealand teen composes song in her sleep - TomoNews‬
Length: 2 minutes

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND — Video showing young New Zealander, Isabelle, playing piano in the middle of the night went viral after a relative uploaded the clip to YouTube last week.

‪My Dad Sleepwalking (Bird Cage)‬
Length: 4 minutes

My dad was sleepwalking so got it on camera! Never thought you can walk and talk in your sleep!

‪Dad's Reaction to his Sleepwalking Video‬
Length: 5 minutes

Dad caught sleepwalking on video! After watching mom's Reaction to her sleepwalking video I knew this was gonna happened. See dad's reaction to his sleepwalking Video.

My Mom Sleepwalking (Tomato Cage)
Length: 1 minute

Mom's Reaction to her Sleepwalking Video
Length: 2 minutes

What I Do When I Sleep
Length: 6 minutes

Her first time sleepwalking!!
Length: 2 minutes

I can't believe she did this!!! I also filmed her reaction to this video!

Cali watches herself sleepwalking!!!
Length: 2 minutes

Cali didn't know I filmed her sleepwalking, She or I never even knew she did this! This video is her reaction to herself sleepwalking!

Don't Wake Sleep Walkers!
Length: 4 minutes

A video proving why no one should ever wake a sleep walker.

6 year old kid sleepwalking
Length: 2 minutes

my friends 6 year old brother randomly walks in to his room sleepwalking we thought he was possessed

Sleep walking kid
Length: 2 minutes

I was at home then i started doing this

Sleepwalking boy puts pants on his arms
Length: 2 minutes

A young boy tries to put pants on his arms while sleepwalking indoors.

Kid sleep walking
Length: 3 minutes

Jayce sleepwalking
Length: 1 minute

Jayce got out of bed and came into our bathroom sleepwalking.

Brandon sleepwalking
Length: 3 minutes
lmfao my brother was sleep walking the whole time and didnt remeber it at all in the morning.. later that morning he watched the video and was like when was this? lol

My brother sleep walking
Length: 2 minutes

Haha my bro sleep walks and runs into sh!t lol and even puts on a dress enjoy:)

Sleepwalking little brother!
Length: 1 minute

My dad wakes my brother up at about 11:00 at night to go potty and since he is such a heavy sleeper and he never really woke up, he kind of sleep walked to the bathroom and took a bath in his jammies.

Girl Sleep walking
Length: 3 minutes

My son sleep walking
Length: 1 minute

My son sleep walking at the house. It was about midnight when he came out of the room and went to the kitchen and stood by the trash can. This is a regular occurrence.

My BF Sleep Walking...Now I know where the Milk is going!
Length: 2 minutes

My BF sleep walking when I'm at work. Milk has been missing for weeks now and he swears hes not drinking it all. So I got two cameras and now I know where its going. If you want to know he is taking..... it's sleep meds (Ambien) Thank you Jay for speeding it up the tape

Sleep walking kid
Length: 1 minute

Porsche Daffner sleep walking eating cereal from a shoe and having strange reactions. Facebook parent help me with this child! What a mess she made. Lol subscribe to me if you like what you see. Say nice words please this is all in fun..

Sontard - Sleepwalking (Cut Scene)
Length: 3 minutes

Perhaps due to exhaustion of getting up early to catch a flight from Utah to LA during the earlier part of the day, Sontard displayed an episode of SLEEPWALKING. Consisting the usual symptoms; eyes being open with a glassy, staring appearance. On questioning, responses are slow or absent, with incoherent talking.

Sleepwalking Children
Length: 4 minutes

Woke my kids up after they fell asleep during a movie, and apparently they were a little out of it. They don't remember a thing.

Little sister caught sleep walking
Length: 2 minutes

Woke up with the spoon under her pillow the next morning and didn't understand why.

My brother sleep walking lol
Length: 2 minutes

Wtf! Mom sleepwalking
Length: 4 minutes

Sleepwalking kid is thirsty.
Length: 22 minutes

My roomate often does some strange things while he is asleep, and one afternoon he did plenty strange things. I ASSURE you, he is asleep. And when he woke up standing in the middle of our room, he did freak out. So believe them when they say to not wake a sleepwalker.

Reacting To STRANGE Sleepwalking Footage
Length: 7 minutes

I thought it would be interesting to react to some strange sleepwalking footage today. Sorry that I haven't been posting as much as usual; I've been on tour so it's been super difficult. It will go back to normal in about a week :)

10 Weird Facts About Sleepwalking
Length: 3 minutes

Here are 10 weird facts about sleepwalking. Sleepwalkers have been depicted as zombie-like beings who stumble through night, eyes glazed over and arms outstretched. Though in reality behaviors aren’t generally that odd, there are some unusual facets to the sleep disorder.
Here are 10 weird facts about sleepwalking.

Number 10.
Treks aren’t necessarily local. Sure, a lot don’t make it past their living rooms, but from time to time, people really go the distance. Last fall, a Colorado woman was found 9 miles from her home. The year before, a 4-year-old Norwegian girl wandered 3 miles through a storm to a nearby town.

Number 9.
It can bring out one’s inner artist. Just ask Lee Hadwin of North Wales. He spends his days as a nurse with no particular interest in art, but while in a sleepwalking state creates accomplished drawings. He says he has no training in the medium and has no idea where the skill comes from.

Number 8.
Episodes occurring during the REM cycle can signal serious health issues. Sleepwalking-type behaviors most often occur during the non-rapid-eye-movement, or NREM, cycles. When they present during the dream state, they’re classified as a REM behavior disorder and can be an early sign of Lewy body dementia or Parkinson’s disease.

Number 7.
Some people temporarily gain superpowers. An 18-year-old not only jumped from her 25-foot-high window while sleeping, she did so without sustaining any injuries. Another teen managed to sleepwalk her way 130 feet up and 40 feet across a crane without doing herself harm.

Number 6.
Waking a sleepwalker isn’t always a bad thing. Contrary to popular belief, heart attacks and comas are not consequences of forcing a sleepwalking person into full consciousness. If fact, if they’re about to put themselves in a perilous situation, it may be the best route. That said, gently guiding them back to bed is preferable.

Number 5.
Don’t be surprised if an abruptly awoken sleepwalker punches you. If a person is jostled from sleep while in an unexpected environment, there’s a chance they will be afraid, confused, and lash out.

Number 4.
Working while sleepwalking is not unheard of. A chef was known to head to the kitchen and whip up some food, and another man took advantage of the extra moments of mobility to mow the lawn.

Number 3.
Inexplicably tight pants may be a sign you’re doing it. A woman in the UK watched her calorie intake and exercised regularly, but put on dozens of pounds regardless. Similarly, a university student grew from a size 10 to a 16 for no immediately apparent reason. In both cases, it was discovered the women were raiding the cupboards and refrigerator while sleepwalking.

Number 2.
While some sleepwalkers talk, others prefer to email. An Ohio woman did, indeed, sleepwalk to her computer, log in, and start typing. Though the emails she sent mostly made no sense, one of the messages included a request that the recipient drop by with some wine and caviar.

Number 1.
Sleepwalking is most common in children. According to a study performed by the Stanford University Sleep Epidemiology Research Center, up to 30% of children have experienced the disorder. Typically, the behavior disappears by adulthood. Which weird sleepwalking fact do you find most fascinating?

10 Strangest Things People Have Done While Sleepwalking
Length: 8 minutes

Sleepwalking is actually pretty goddamn scary...

Teen sleep walks for 9 miles overnight
Length: 2 minutes

7NEWS reporter Jason Gruenauer tells us Taylor Gammel was found safe this morning.

Wander through the night - Sleepwalking Documentary
Length: 11 minutes

This is a short documentary that was made as part of my TAFE assignment. First one I've ever made! Any feedback appreciated, especially about the voice over. Thanks :)

Sleep Walkers - Secrets of the Night
Length: 47 minutes

Documentary on ITV about insomnia
Meet Lee Hadwin the ‘sleepwalking artist’ who can't draw when he's awake
By Matilda Battersby. 14 January, 2015

Artist draws masterpieces asleep
Length: 1 minute

Lee Hadwin can't draw when he's awake but when he's in the land of nod he creates pieces that are sold for six-figure sums.

Sleepwalking artist
Length: 3 minutes

Lee Hadwin World famous Sleep artist drawing in his sleep!

The Bridge Magazine exclusive interview: Lee Hadwin the sleep artist at Barclays Premier, London
Length: 10 minutes

The Bridge Magazine interviews unique sleep artist Lee Hadwin at Barclays Premier Piccadilly Circus Regent Street.

Sleep Artist: Guy creates STUNNING work while asleep
Length: 3 minutes

Lee Hadwin is a British painter who creates stunning art in his sleep. Pretty remarkable, right? It gets better. His skills as an artist when he is awake are limited - to say the least.

Parasomnia - Living The Dream pt2
Length: 6 minutes

Parasomnia is a nightmare dreamt by one and lived by 120,000 New Zealanders. It is a bizarre dimension where people can do amazing and terrifying things. Some play out extra-terrestrial invasions in their head. Others go for a drive. And one man, who knows nothing about art, turns the walls of his home into masterpieces. The one thing they all dream of, really dream of, is a good night's sleep.