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Movies about dogs attacking own leg

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Below are the documentary movies in which the dog attacks its own leg because autonomous neurocluster (inside the brain of the dog) is moving the leg. Dog’s main personality is not moving the leg, the leg is moved by autonomous neurocluster and that is the reason why dog’s main personality recognizes this movement as the “enemy”.
During the spiritualistic sťances the hand/leg of the medium is moving exactly the same way as in the example with the dog – the hand/leg of the medium is moved by autonomous neurocluster inside the brain of the medium.
Also the same underlying mechanism is in dowsing, psychography, etc.

The advantage of movie with a dog is that the viewer realizes that the dog can not pretend, the dog can not be an actor, which means that the phenomenon is real and genuine, this is not a fake movie.
The same analogous movie with a man instead of a dog most probably would meet the rejection of the viewer, because the viewer would think that the man is just acting/pretending and thus a movie is a fake.
In humans the same identical phenomenon is called “Alien Hand Syndrome (AHS)”.

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Dog thinks his leg is trying to steal his bone
Length: 1 minute

Crazy Dog Bites Its Own Leg and Fish Fountain
Length: 1 minute

dog bite its own leg
Length: 1 minute

Insane Dog Attacks Own Foot
Length: 1 minute

Dog thinks his leg is the enemy
Length: 1 minute

dog fight with his own legs to eat
Length: 1 minute

Crazy Dog Attacks His Own Paw
Length: 1 minute