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Articles about survival after the penetration of the heart

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US man survives shooting four-inch nail into his heart
6 April 2012
BBC. 6 April 2012
Girl Stabbed Through Heart Survives
October 29
Abc News. October 29,2933,590370,00.html
Man Survives After 2-Inch Nail Pierces Heart
April 02, 2010
Fox News. April 02, 2010,3969528
Hear Piecing Survived
April 16, 1984
Daily News. April 16, 1984
Boy Survives After Being Spiked Through Heart: Medicine: Surgeon calls his survival 'one in a billion.' The child asked to play Nintendo after awakening from surgery.
May 19, 1991
By Arthur H. Rotstein
Los Angeles Times. May 19, 1991
Miraculous recovery for man with knife in heart
January 16, 2011
By Sumitra Deb Roy
The Times of India. January 16, 2011