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How to reduce the cost of shaving 500 times or more

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Shaving costs are pretty high because razor heads of so-called brand names (like “Gillete“, “Schick“, “Bic“) are hugely overpriced.
Razor heads cost as little as 5 cents to make, however consumers are charged up to 2.5 dollars a piece.
When you go to the supermarket you will not find any cheap alternative to so-called brand names. Supermarkets are selling only hugely overpriced so-called brand names – this is due to cartel agreements between supermarkets and so-called brand name manufacturers.
Sharp practice? The razor heads that cost just 5p to make, but sell for 2.43 each
Daily Mail, 8 June, 2009.
A cartel is a group of formally independent producers whose goal is to increase their collective profits by means of price fixing, limiting supply, or other restrictive practices. Cartels typically control selling prices, but some are organized to control the prices of purchased inputs. Antitrust laws forbid cartels; however, they continue to exist nationally and internationally, openly and secretly, formally and informally. Note that a single entity that holds a monopoly by this definition cannot be a cartel, though it may be guilty of abusing said monopoly in other ways. Cartels usually occur in oligopolies, where there are a small number of sellers and usually involve homogeneous products. Bid rigging is a special type of cartel.

Gillette’s slogan is “The Best A Man Can Get” – however this statement is a deception.
The truth is that you can reduce your cost of shaving 500 times or more simply by purchasing so-called “no-name” razor heads from “unknown” manufacturers.
The razor blades from alternative manufacturers are much cheaper and last much longer when compared to of so-called brand name razor blades.
Below is the comparison table which shows the prices and longevity of alternative razor blade manufacturers.

Manufacturer / model Price per blade, U.S. Dollars How long does a blade razor last
Gillette Slalom/Atra/Vector 1.5 2-3 times
0.35 2-3 weeks daily
Personna Twin Pivot Plus 0.12 2 months daily

Razor head with 2 blades shaves better than razor head with only 1 blade.
However if the razor head has more than 2 blades (like for example 3, 4 or 5 blades) then this does not help at all, because the quality of shaving does not increase with the increased number of blades. Razor head with 2 blades is the optimal solution, 2 blades are enough.
Atra (known as the Contour, Slalom, Vector in some markets) was introduced in 1977 and was the first razor to feature a pivoting head, which Gillette claimed made it easier for men to shave their necks.

Below are hugely overpriced so-called brand name “Gillete“ razor blades.
Gillette Atra Plus Lubra Strip Cartridge - 10 ea
Price: $17.09
Gillette Atra Plus
About the product
  ● Refill cartridges for pivoting twin-blade shaving system
  ● Pivoting twin blades stay on beard longer for extra closeness
  ● Lubra-Soft strip for smoothness and comfort
  ● Fits all Atra and Atra Plus razors

Below are“Astor” razor blades which are manufactured in Greece. These razor blades are without Lubrastrips, which is not needed anyway. These razor blades are hard to find.


Below are “Personna Twin Pivot Plus” razor blades which last longer and are cheaper than “Astor” razor blades. “Personna Twin Pivot Plus” razor blades do have Lubrastrip.
Personna Twin Pivot Plus - 500 Blades (50 x 10 Bulk Pack)
Price: $55.00
Personna Twin Pivot Plus
About the product
  ● Fits any Atra, Vector, Contour & TracII razors
  ● Twin blades with Aloe lubra strip
  ● Superb quality & value
  ● Sold in plain tray bulk packaging
  ● See the extra photos to confirm what razors these blades fit

Below is the comparison of “Astor” and “Personna Twin Pivot Plus” razor blades.

Personna Twin Pivot Plus & Astor
“Astor” and “Personna Twin Pivot Plus” razor blades

The shaving foam (a.k.a. shaving cream) in spray can is expensive and unnecessary. A shaving brush costs just a few dollars and turns almost any soap into foam.
A shave brush or shaving brush is a small brush with a handle parallel to the bristles used to apply shaving soap or shaving cream to the face when shaving. Shave brushes are often decorative; antique handles are often made from materials such as ivory or even gold, though the bristle load may be composed of any number of natural or synthetic materials. The shave brush is used most often today by "wet shavers" in tandem with a double-edged safety razor or a straight razor. However, this is not always the case, as shavers of all varieties may employ the tool.
Shave brush
Shaving brush of traditional design. Long rather stiff bristles and a handle that allows it to be held between thumb and middle finger.

Below are some videos which contain the instructions how you can easily sharpen your used dull razor blades at home.

(In Russian) Как заточить бритву жилет или любой другой станок?
Length: 3 minutes

Восстанавливаем былую остроту бритвенного станка, с помощью подручный средств.
Метод очень простой, и не требует каких то особых навыков или инструментов.

(In Russian) Как заточить бритву жилет или любой другой станок
Length: 3 minutes

Восстанавливаем былую остроту бритвенного станка, с помощью подручный средств.
Метод очень простой, и не требует каких то особых навыков или инструментов.

(In Russian) 3 способа наточить, восстановить кассету станка(бритвы) Джилет (Gillette), Bic, Venus, Schick...
Length: 4 minutes

3 способа, метода наточить, восстановить кассету любого станка для бритья (бритвы) как Джилет (Gillette), Bic, Venus, Schick и др. Эти способы очень простые, бесплатные и очень быстрые.Также рекомендация, что сделать после заточки. Но всегда нужно помнить, что экономить - это дурная манера. вместо этого нужно лучше думать, как больше зарабатывать... А этими методами пользоваться в крайних случаях. (Как у меня однажды довелось это предпринять в горах)

(In Russian) Обзор "Zattoch" - заточка любых одноразовых бритвенных станков
Length: 10 minutes

Обзор "Zattoch" - многоразовое устройство для затачивания одноразовых бритвенных станков и многоразовых бритвенных систем любого типа.