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Books of Michael Raduga

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Book Title
Michael Raduga. The Phase. A Practical Guidebook.
Michael Raduga. The Phase. A Practical Guidebook.
Michael Raduga. Conscious Evolution 2.0. or what the Bible, alien abductions and near-death experiences all have in common?
Michael Raduga. Conscious Evolution 2.0

Please note that Michael Raduga is from Russia and his English writings are quite hard to read because Michael Raduga is not fluent in English. So in case if you know Russian language then it is much better to read his books in original Russian language because Russian originals are much better than English translations. Original books in Russian are available here:

Book Title
Михаил Радуга. Фаза. Практический учебник.
Michael Raduga - Faza
Эволюция сознания 2.0. Или что общего между Библией, похищениями инопланетянами, предсмертными видениями и внетелесными путешествиями?
Michael Raduga - Evoluciya Soznaya 2